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Apiarium Beekeeping Farm takes great pride in being fourth generation that is passionate about beekeeping. It is family owned and operated for more than 100 years and tradition endures to this day with a new generation of energetic and committed beekeepers.



In 2004 the great idea was born to construct a useful, high-quality and functional hive tool that is different from all previously made tools in beekeeping in order to get that feeling of satisfaction from work and to make it more rewarding for every beekeeper. These differences are reflected primarily in the design, quality and functionality.




From 2005. to 2013. there were four models that went out of the productions and all with various modifications in accordance with the customer requirements.
Currently the Swan M04 model is on the market.
We are planning to design new models while maintaining our unique identity in recognising the importance of quality, functionality and delivering value through our products.





The Hive Tool is compatible with the most common types of hives such as Langstroth, Dadant, Farrar, Voirnot, etc. The hook, which is on the lower end of the tool, is the main patent product and is accurately dimensioned for number of functions.

Serbian Beekeeping Swan has been successfully used over many years in beekeeping throughout the world.


Metal part of the Swan is made of high quality stainless steel and the cover (the handle) is made of steamed walnut, oak or ash.
The Swan is a product of precision and high quality laser processing technology.


The Hive Tool Swan is an ideal present for any beekeeper. At request we can also offer you to create a gift with personalised engraving on different languages.

Fast Delivery

At Apiarium Beekeeping Farm we understand our customers’ needs and we know that waiting can be time-consuming and very annoying, so we will keep striving in excellence in our delivery service.



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